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  • Punta Arenas 161457
  • Land Size: 199,507,759.91 m2

    Property Description

    King and Flynn is located 70 kilometers by road from Punta Arenas. But access is currently only by water. Due to this limited access, illegal hunting, cattle ranching, and fishing are not permitted. This place has kept the land pristine and enhanced the area's unique biodiversity value, despite Punta Arenas' proximity.
    Geographically, King and Flynn's boundaries coincide with Cape King (westbound) and Cape Flynn (eastbound). The beach to the north of the property has a beautiful curved sheltered bay (great view) that, to the west, provides a natural harbor.
    The area has excellent hydrological resources: snowy mountains and mountain ranges, a glacier, a glacial lake, a large lake, and a central river. The river offers excellent fly fishing.
    The diversity of its morphology, elevation, soils, and exposure to climatic factors, explain the great diversity of plant cover and habitat of fauna and flora. From dense and almost impenetrable native forests, humid Evergreen Canelo forests, the impressive variety of lichens and ferns. Fall is a fascinating time to hike and camp at King and Flynn and enjoy their spirit.
    It is an essential refuge for unique biodiversity, thanks to the historical absence of settlers and the absence of logging activities. There are no traces of human debris or artifacts, which has allowed native flora and fauna to evolve naturally. The area maintains a population of the endangered huemul, a species on the Red List of Magellan, Chile, and worldwide.

    Peale' dolphins frequent the bays and inlets in the areas, an endemic species found only at the southern tip of the Americas' cone. At Otway and Wickham Sounds in the North Bay. Peale's dolphins are frequently seen just yards from shore. Sealion colonies are found to the east (Cape Flynn) in small sheltered bays and rocky beaches.

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