• For Sale    355,318,592 JPY
  • Península Antonio Varas 162437
  • Land Size: 52,999,948.91 m2

    Property Description

    This farm of approximately 5,300 hectares with more than 8 kilometers of the seashore, dedicated to the sheep raising and cattle where two buildings dating from the beginning of the 21st century stand out: the administration house: a large and solid work in wood and brass, the lines of which faithfully represent the style of the patron houses of the Magellan stays.

    A few meters from the beach is the shearing shed, built with large pieces of lenga wood; this work of about 35 by 20 meters and capacity to house about 800 sheep.
    The landscape and the fauna are a summary of the area natural attributes, which include:
    -A lake of just over 190 hectares, four small lagoons
    -The Ballena hill reaches 800 meters and is easily accessible to the top.
    -The Moore monument, a 1500 meter high mountain massif from where you can see the Patagonian fjords and the Southern Andes.

    The combination of landscapes allows many birds, ranging from flamingos, swans, caiquenes, and different kinds of ducks on the coast, to condors, eagles, owls, caranchos, harriers, woodpeckers, kingfishers, swallows, among others, the land inside. In addition, sometimes red foxes can be seen.
    The land has approximately 3,000 hectares covered with coihues and lengas forests, 1,000 hectares of meadows, 500 hectares of bushes, 200 hectares of peatlands, and 500 hectares of rocks, peaks, and other areas devoid of vegetation.
    This coverage is harmoniously distributed throughout the territory, forming a combination of generally open and easily accessible landscapes with the surrounding mountains and the sea as a backdrop.

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